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398: Changing Your Mind About Discipleship

397: How Jesus Explained Life and Growth For Us

396: How to Stop Worrying About What These People Think

395: Why God Wants Us To Treat Everyone Like Family

394: Is Your Language Creating The Culture You Want?

393: Life in Community on Mission: The Glorious Mess

392: Family Discipleship and Mission Made Simple (Part 2)

391: Family Discipleship and Mission Made Simple (Part 1)

390: Is Your Church Service Confusing People?

389: Are You Believing What God Says About You?

388: Dealing With Limiting Beliefs About Discipleship and Mission

387: Being Good Neighbors This Summer on Mission

386: How to Share Your Faith Without Being Weird

385: How To Parent With Grace Not Fear or Control 

384: How to Stop Taking Everything Personally

383: Why Your Church Isn’t Growing and Maturing w/Alan Hirsch

382: When Missional Living Feels Hard

381: Discipleship and Preparing for Holy Week

380: How Your Small Groups Need To Change

374: The Habit Of Small Steps

373: Conversations: Missional Community Growth

372: Conversations: Proactive and Reactive Mission

371: Conversations: Small Group or Missional Community?

370: Conversations: Gospel Communities On Mission

369: Conversations: Discipleship In All Of Life

368: Conversations: How We Make Disciples

367: Conversations: The Mission of the Church

366: Conversations: The Purpose of the Gospel

365: Conversations: Who We Are

362: Preparing For a New (Big) Year on Mission

361: 10 Ideas For a Missional Christmas

360: How To Identify Your Best Leaders

359: 5 Ongoing Essentials Missional Leaders Need

358: Multiplying Your Missional Community

357: How To Party In Light Of The Gospel

356: Moving From Small Group to Missional Community

355: Our Crazy Bivocational Lifestyle

354: Halloween: Your Neighborhood Mission

353: Grief According to the Gospel

352: Holistic Discipleship: The Gospel In Everything

351: It's Time For The Church To Tell a New Story

350: Experiencing Spiritual Disciplines In Everyday Life

349: 7 Lies That Ruin Our Ability To Rest

348: 5 Dumb Things Christians Need To Stop Doing

347: Disciple-making In Your Unique Context

346: The Cost of Discipleship in Afghanistan

340: Discipleship: Embracing The New Normal

339: Are You Too Busy For Discipleship?

338: Is Missional Church (Still) Our Best Option?

337: Introverts and Extroverts on Mission Post-pandemic

336: How the Gospel Changes Our Motivation and Desires Pt.2

335: How the Gospel Changes Our Motivation and Desires Pt.1

334: Beware These 7 Community Relationship Killers

333: Hearing God With a Head Full of Voices

332: 7 Challenges To Cultural Diversity in the Church

331: Helping People Feel Like Part of Your Family

330: How You Communicate Vision & Values Shape Mission

329: Micro Church, House Church, Simple Church. What's the Difference?

328: Missional Community: Neighborhood or Network?

327: Losing a Scarcity Mentality To Discover Abundance

326: Creating a Multi-Generational Family Team

325: Is Discipleship Different for Women?

324: Restarting Your Missional Community Rhythms

323: Disciple Making: 10 Things That May Be Stopping You

324: Restarting Your Missional Community Rhythms

322: Can Starfish Help Us Reimagine Church?

321: Are Your Church Elders Really Deacons? (And Vice Versa)

320: Sharing Your Faith After You've Offended Someone

319: Being Salt and Light in Our Divided Culture

318: How The Gospel Speaks To Our Anger

317: Stop Waiting! Bloom Where You’re Planted

316: Looking Back To Move Our Church Forward

315: Why No One Really Wants Your Advice

314: Becoming a Family on Mission Pt.2

313: Becoming a Family on Mission Pt.1

307: More Surprising Trends For The Future Church

306: Emerging Trends For The Future Church

305: How To Avoid Misunderstandings–10 Steps

303: Missional Christmas: 10 Ideas For Family and Friends

302: We Can Experience Love Because God is Gracious

301: God Is Good So We Can Find Joy In Our Life

300: We Live With Peace Because God Is Glorious

299: We Have Hope Because God is Great

298: Connecting With God in Everyday Life

297: Treating Everyone Like Part of the Family

296: How To Talk About Politics With Your Kids

295: How Your Small Groups Need To Change

294: How to Start Shifting Your Church Outward

293: Our Need For Innovation in the Church Today

292: Living As a Friend Of Sinners

291: Fighting Our Preoccupation With Self

290: Why You Need More Storytelling In Your Discipleship

289: The Beauty of the Gospel vs. Religion

288: Good News For the Cancel Culture

287: Why It's Hard to Motivate People to Live on Mission

281: Leading the Scattered Church on Mission

280: 10 Secrets to Growing Deeper Friendships

279: The Importance of Discerning Guilt from Shame

278: Embracing How and Why God Saves Us - Pt.2

277: Embracing How and Why God Saves Us - Pt.1

276: Life In Community On Mission: The Glorious Mess

275: Being Good Neighbors This Summer on Mission

274: Racism, Identity and Our Gospel Hope

273: How to Have Amazing Family Dinner Nights

272: How to Effectively Identify Your Next Leaders

271: Pastors: Stop Doing 80% of What You're Doing!

270: Rebooting Community Rhythms After Lockdown

269: The High Value of Asynchronous Discipleship

268: Gospel, Community, Mission: Why We Need All 3

267: Making Progress Toward Making Disciples

266: Finding Your Value When “Doing” is Broken

265: The ‘New Normal’ Will Need Daring New Leaders

264: Virtual Sacraments: 5 Ways to Do Communion Online

263: Don’t Pray For Church To Return To Normal

262: Gospel Fluency and COVID-19 Fears

261: WWJD During This Pandemic?

260: Are You Leading With a Missional Mindset?

259: Discipleship and Mission in a Rural Context

258: Maybe You've Never Really Tried "Missional"

257: Why Church Elders Should Be Lead Disciple-makers

256: Everyday Discipleship + Our 3 Year Anniversary

255: Changing Your Mind About Discipleship

254: The Blessing Of Praying For Your Child’s Future

253: Accountability Relationships Are Not All Good

252: First Steps To Becoming a Missional Church

251: Why Planning Rest Before Work Is Smart

250: Blessed to Be a Blessing: Your Family on Mission

248: Christmas and Consumerism as Christians

247: Neighborhood Missional Living for the Imperfectly Ready

246: From Attracting to Deploying: Living in the New Covenant

245: 5 Stereotypes Christians Need To Change

244: Why We Want To Let Our Redemption Show

243: Living on Mission When Your Spouse Is Not Into It

242: Gratitude, Grace, and the Gospel

241: Are You Living Like a Missionary?

240: Is Your Church Successful? New Benchmarks

239: Halloween: Is Your Door Open For Mission?

238: 5 Steps To Making Friends Quickly

237: Invitation and Challenge: Moving Disciples Toward Maturity

236: God, Guns and the Second Amendment

235: Is the Church a Black Hole for Leaders?

234: 7 Secrets to Lifelong Marriage Unity

233: How Procrastination Kills Discipleship and Mission

232: The 7 Worst Evangelism Mistakes Today

231: How Baptism Shapes our Identity and Culture

230: Discipleship and Gospel Fluency in the Workplace

229: Why is Missional Living So Hard?

228: Is it Time to Leave Your Church?

227: How the Gospel Speaks to Anger

226: Tips for Hosting Missional Summer Meals

225: A Simple Process for Developing Missional Leaders

224: Why Discipleship Is Like Reparenting People

223: How to Pray the Gospel for All of Life

222: Where to Find Your Unique People of Peace

221: Hugh Halter: An Apostle's Journey

220: Top 10 Roadblocks to Discipleship and Mission

219: Creating the Right Discipleship Environment Pt.2

218: Creating the Right Discipleship Environment Pt.1

217: Why Discipleship Is So Rare In Our Churches

216: A Week in the Life of a Missional Community

215: Are You Too Comfortable for a Missional Life?

214: Is Your Family Prepared for Missional Living?

213: How to Destroy the Idols in Your Life

212: Why Apologetics Makes For Poor Evangelism

211: Why the Church Should Throw Better Parties

210: How to Be Confident in Your Calling

209: How to Make Faith and Life Fit Together

208: Growing in Patience with God, Yourself and Others

207: Missional Living When Your Church Doesn’t Support It

206: How to Speak Gently and Think Clearly Amidst Conflict

205: Why You (Yes, You!) Need a Discipleship Coach

204: Is Cultural Diversity Realistic in the Church?

203: 7 Ways To Romance Your Wife All Year

202: How to Do Church Discipline with Love and Purpose

201: Leadership Harmony in Missional Communities

200: Why Christianese is Not Good News

199: The Truth About Tithing: Is It Biblical?

198: A Million Little Things: Discipleship In The Real World

196: Christmas and the Incarnation

195: 4 Truths About God That Will Challenge Your Parenting

194: Climate Change: What to Know, What You Can Do

193: 12 Small Ways You Can Improve Your City

192: Why Intentional Disciple-Making = Real Church Growth

191: Friendsgiving: Making Room At God's Table

190: How To Deal With Difficult People in Your Life

189: Why You Should Treat Everyone Like Family

188: Conversion Without Discipleship? Why You Need Both

187: Why Jesus Didn't Make Disciples in a Classroom

186: Why Our Leaders Need to Reimagine the Church

185: How Do We Love Mercy and Do Justice?

184: Sowing and Reaping: What is the "Harvest" Jesus Talked About?

183: How to Transition to a Spiritual Conversation

182: What Does a Missional Community Need to “Do” Together?

181: How to: Missional Community in Any Context

180: How to Say NO and Get Out of Bad Commitments

179: Why Conflict is Not All Bad. How to Resolve It When It Is

178: Why You Want to Be a Mentor to a Child

177: How to Stop Worrying About What These People Think

176: Why You Need Gospel Motivation In Your Life (Part 2)

175: Why You Need Gospel Motivation In Your Life (Part 1)

174: How to Figure Out Your Personal Superpower

173: How to Crush Idols and Counterfeit Gods in Your Life

172: How to Have the Best Summer on Mission

171: What is Freedom in Christ and How to Find It

170: It's Time to Redefine the Value of Marriage and Singleness

169: Why Artists Need to Shape the Identity of the Church

168: Simple Discipleship Practices Outside the Box

167: How Consumerism is Killing the Church

166: How to Understand and Talk About Climate Change

165: This is What Will Keep You From Living on Mission

164: How Jesus Explained Life and Growth in the Kingdom

163: Can You Really Love Your Neighbor As You Love Yourself?

162: These 4 Companies Want to Fulfill Your Most Basic Needs

161: How the Bible is Relevant and More Important Than Ever

160: How to Celebrate According to the Gospel

159: From The Pulpit To The People: Shifting to a Life on Mission

158: Are You Believing What God Says About You?

157: Are You Treating People Like Guests or Like Family?

156: Does the Gospel Speak to Mental and Physical Health?

155: Is Evangelism Changing in the Church Today?

154: How We Can Be More Generous People

153: Family Discipleship and Mission Made Simple (Part 2)

152: Family Discipleship and Mission Made Simple (Part 1)

151: Date to Mate: How to Avoid Unhealthy Relationship Threats

150: This is Why Your Church Isn’t Growing and Maturing

149: How to Share Your Faith Without Being Weird

148: Who Are You and Why Do You Matter?

147: How to Move from Addiction to Freedom

146: Caution: How Your Sunday Service is Confusing People

145: How to Start the New Year on the Right Foot

143: How Your Holiday Traditions Can Shape Your Life

142: What Voices Are Shaping Your Life the Most?

141: How to Apologize the Right (and Wrong) Way

140: How to Handle Annoying People This Holiday

139: Is Trump Killing The Church Or Saving It?

138: Discovering the Divine Feminine Nature of God

137: The 3 Seductions: Appetite, Ambition & Approval

136: Why You Need to Get to Know the Holy Spirit

135: The Best Ways to Be Missional This Halloween

134: 7 Pillars of Society: How to Change Your World

133: How to Start a Missional Community From Scratch

132: How to Multiply Your Missional Community in a Healthy Way

131: What Causes Sin and How to Stop It

130: How to Make the Gospel Beautiful and Relatable

129: The Pursuit of Happiness — What It Is and How to Get It

128: Where Was God During Hurricane Harvey?

127: Decision Fatigue: How to Make Better Decisions

126: How Money Affects Your Significance and Security

125: How To Parent Your Kids With Grace (Not Fear or Control)

124: What to Do with Kids in Your Missional Community

123: How to Pump Up Your Missional Community

122: How to Create a Lifestyle of Discipleship

121: A Life of Focus: Time Management if God Set Your Schedule

120: What Is Missional? And Why It Scares Most Pastors To Death

119: Why You Need a Break: The Modern Day Sabbath

118: Why Bi-Vocational Ministry is the Future of Church Leadership

117: Daddy-Daughter Dates: 5 Things You Need to Know

116: How to Make Sure You’re Developing the Right Leaders

115: How to Move From Forgiveness to Reconciliation

114: Redeeming Sexuality in the Eyes of the Church

113: Breaking the Myth of Introverts and Extroverts

112: It’s Time to Reinvent the Church

111: How to Avoid Poisonous Gossip in Your Life

110: How a Better Understanding of the Gospel Transforms Your Life

109: How To Innovate Your Life With Lifelong Learning

108: How To Plan Awesome Dates With Your Spouse

107: How To Talk About Politics Without Being A Jerk

106: Finding True Meaning in Your Small Group

105: How to Measure The Success Of Your Church

104: Sneaky Strategies For Raising Great Kids

103: How To Beat The Fear Of Rejection

102: Why You Should Stop Going to Church (and the FREE Be the Church eBook!)

101: Making Faith & Life Fit Together