111: How to Avoid Poisonous Gossip in Your Life

avoid gossip in your life

Gossip is one of those things these days that is so common in relationships, in our conversations and in our cultural experience, that we hardly even notice it anymore. In this episode of Lifeschool, Caesar will share why gossip is pure poison. You’ll also discover 3 ways to crush gossip before it gets started. An…

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110: How a Better Understanding of the Gospel Transforms Your Life

how better understanding the gospel transforms your life

For many of us our Christianity and faith is focused primarily on our afterlife. And we spend years wondering, “Is this all there is to THIS life? Is this all that Jesus came to give us here and now?” The answer is an emphatic NO! What we need is a much bigger understanding of the…

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109: How To Innovate Your Life With Lifelong Learning

innovate with lifelong learning

A strong posture to take as we navigate through life is that of a learner; to constantly desire growth in wisdom and understanding. In this episode, Caesar and Heath talk about ways you can excel at growth in every important area of life and give you their plan for picking your reading list for the…

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108: How To Plan Awesome Dates With Your Spouse

how to plan date night with your spouse

Dating and date nights are not just for the young and in love. Date nights are an important part to keeping love and romance alive in your marriage. Today, we discuss the importance of having date nights with your spouse and give some practical tips on how to make them fun and meaningful. What Are…

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107: How To Talk About Politics Without Being A Jerk

Our world is divided. People of varying opinions and beliefs are attempting to make sense of it all while demonizing those who are different than them. How might being a follower of Jesus change the way we have political conversations? In this episode, Caesar and Heath give you a way to avoid becoming a polarizing…

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106: Finding True Meaning in Your Small Group

What’s the difference between a Small Group and a Missional Community? On This Episode, Caesar and Heath look at the traditional “small group” model and suggest ways to transition them into a more “missional” mode of life-on-life together in community. You may have been in your current small group for years–or maybe you’ve given up…

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105: How to Measure The Success Of Your Church

No one sets out to have or lead an unhealthy church or ministry. But often we find ourselves stuck in a loop of numbers and metrics that we may have inherited or are imposed on us by the “higher-ups”.  In this episode we discuss how Jesus’ ministry career would measure up to current ministry standards…

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104: Sneaky Strategies For Raising Great Kids

Do you feel like it is difficult to carve out time specifically for your kids when your life is so busy? On this Episode, Caesar and Heath chat with Jay Payleitner–best-selling author and nationally recognized expert on parenting. Discover how to make time to enter into your child’s world, no matter how busy your schedule may…

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103: How To Beat The Fear Of Rejection

Why do we fear rejection and often times feel like weirdos when we try to talk about spiritual topics or even come close to ‘sharing our faith’?  In this episode, Caesar and Heath discuss the main reasons people get so scared and freaked out. We’ll also give 3 Quick Tips that you can use to change that forever. Does This Sound…

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102: Why You Should Stop Going to Church

Jesus never told his disciples (us Christians) to go to church. He never commanded us to put on big worship services and lots of programs. Instead, he called us to believe our true identity and be the church. In This Episode You’ll Learn: Why it’s impossible to actually “go to church”. How our American dream world and…

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