178: Why You Want To Be A Mentor To A Child

Most of us would agree with the age-old saying, “The youth of today is the future of tomorrow.” But how many of us take that sentiment seriously enough to actually do something about it? This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we talk about the opportunities for mentoring those who are eventually going to take our…

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176: Why You Need Gospel Motivation In Your Life (Part 2)

gospel motivation in your life

It’s easy to listen to sermons and read books on theology and missional living… nod our heads in agreement… yet very little change happens in our lives. Jesus made some surprising (maybe unreasonable?) commands to his potential disciples. This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we continue our talk on Gospel Motivation and why what we…

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175: Why You Need Gospel Motivation In Your Life

gospel motivation

“I have a whole bunch of people that have bought into this missional community thing and lifestyle–living like missionaries in our city–but HOW do you keep them motivated? They start out all fired up, but after a while, they seem to fizzle out.”  Sound familiar? This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we talk about why…

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174: How to Figure Out Your Personal Superpower

your personal superpower

Many of us have a sense of the two or three things we are really good at, either naturally or we’ve put in the time and investment to learn and develop certain skills or abilities. Do you know how to figure out your personal superpower? This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we are going to…

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173: How to Crush Idols and Counterfeit Gods in Your Life

crush counterfeit gods

When I was a kid in Sunday School, I can remember being taught about not having idols in our life. I envisioned totem poles or statues in my room… NOPE, none of those! But we all have idols galore. This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we are gonna teach you how to identify and then…

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172: How to Have the Best Summer on Mission

best summer on mission

Summer is here again, yes!  And for many involved in vocational ministry or even a regular part of a small group or missional community, summer is a time for a taking a break from ministry… Don’t do it! Your neighbors and friends are all out looking for fun and relationships this summer. This week on the…

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170: It’s Time to Redefine the Value of Marriage and Singleness

redefine marriage and singleness

Should all Christians be married? Although we might quickly respond “no,” our cultural stories and norms―including those in the church―often communicate “yes!” This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we’re joined by Kutter Callaway, an author and assistant professor of theology and culture. We talk about this and how culture is redefining marriage and singleness… and…

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169: Why Artists Need to Shape the Identity of the Church

artists shape identity church

The church was once the premier creator of art and beauty within culture. Christian artists throughout history saw it as their honor, and even their duty, to portray Christ and his Kingdom in ways that spoke to the hearts of people. This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, Caesar talks to Heath about art, identity, and…

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Simple Discipleship Practices Outside the Box

discipleship outside the box

Discipleship is not a series of classes. Discipleship is the process of moving from unbelief to belief in every area of life… It must be done life on life, life in community, and life on mission. This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we talk about a form of discipleship that includes cigars, fireplaces, and an…

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167: How Consumerism is Killing the Church

consumerism killing church ministry

A new(er) building. The nicer children’s ministry wing. The best preacher. Comfy seats and a great band. Many Christians approach their churches, and their faith, as consumers. Even the term “church shopping” betrays the reality of our spiritual consumerism. This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we expose and articulate the ways that consumerism is killing…

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