How The Gospel Speaks To Guilt and Shame

Understanding the difference between guilt and shame and how the gospel heals us

Guilt or shame… are they the same thing? The last time you made a mistake or really blew it, what were you feeling in your gut: guilt or shame? Do you know the difference? One is healthy, and the other is deadly. In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, I’ll show you why understanding…

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Is Bi-Vocational Ministry the Future For Leaders?

For as long as we’ve all been alive, there has been sort of a two-tiered system for Christians: Those who are “called” enough and lucky enough to be on the staff at church and actually get paid to do ministry… and then there was pretty much everyone else. Or what is often referred to as…

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Connecting With God in Everyday Life

Connecting your heart and life with God in everyday life

Humans were created to live in a trusting relationship with God where he guides our lives with his perfect love and wisdom. Prayer reconnects us to God in the ways he always intended us to live. In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, Caesar talks with author Neil Cole about prayer and finding ways…

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Pastors: Stop Doing 80% of What You’re Doing!

Pastors are overworked and need to hand off much of what they spend time on!

If you’re a pastor, a lot of the things you’re spending time on each week may not be producing as much fruit as you think. But all of us get caught on a hamster wheel of things we’ve added to our list of responsibilities, or someone else has, that over time become a huge waste…

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Motivating People to Live on Mission

Have you found it hard–really hard–to move people toward embracing change lately? Are you finding it frustrating to motivate folks to reorient their lives around discipleship, serving others, and missional living… versus a consumeristic experience of the church? In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, we’ll tell you why the way you’ve learned to motivate…

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Halloween: Your Neighborhood Mission

Halloween has some “dark history”, and many of us were taught that this was a holiday you were supposed to avoid if you’re a Christian. But the truth behind this annual event may surprise you. There’s no reason to miss out on this HUGE chance to bring redemption to your neighborhood. In this episode, Caesar…

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How to Speak Gospel to the Cancel Culture

Learn how to speak grace and gospel good news to the cancel culture

The “cancel culture” can hit anyone at any time–even you–if you’ve ever said or done something that a very vocal group of people disagree with. Unfortunately, the Church is not immune to this type of canceling of our own. In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, we’ll take a look at how God deals…

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Why Church Elders Should Be Lead Disciple-makers

Why church elders should be making disciples

Many pastors are working hard to lead their families and flocks to engage discipleship in all of life, but their biggest roadblocks to exponential growth is their own church elders! Oftentimes, these “elders” do not make disciples and have never led another person to faith in Jesus. How could this be so common?! This week…

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Is Your Church Successful? New Benchmarks

Hitting The Bullseye

Jesus was immeasurably the most successful person in human history. In every way. Yet, if we were to measure his lifetime effectiveness using today’s Church benchmarks of success, Jesus would probably find it hard to get hired on at most churches. What are you measuring? This week on the Everyday Disciple Podcast, we look at…

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10 Secrets to Growing Deeper Friendships

Building strong relationships of trust is a key factor in discipleship. But many of us are not good at building friendships, or we seem too busy in our lives to make the investment of time that it takes. In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, join me as I mine the wisdom of author…

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