Embracing How and Why God Saves Us – Pt.1

Two hands holding up a cross and a red wooden heart in front of a sunset

Most of our evangelistic messages focus on “How” someone can be saved. But the Gospel also tells us “Why” we’ve been saved. Understanding both is critical in making disciples of Jesus who make more disciples. In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, I explain the “two lenses” of the Gospel: Power and Purpose. A…

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Using The Story of God in Community

A circle of neighbors and friends interacting and discussing the Story of God in a living room.

What we believe about God and what he is like will ultimately determine what we believe about ourselves and how life works. This is why it is so important that we know, understand, and believe God’s big story. How well do you know the Story of God? This week on the Everyday Disciple Podcast, Caesar…

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The Gospel on the Move in a Rural Context

Jesus’ call and command to “go and make disciples” means everywhere and is for everyone. If you are living under the false belief that, “This missional lifestyle just won’t work in our context,” this episode is for you! (Regardless of where you live.) This week on the Everyday Disciple Podcast, we look at discipleship and…

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What to Do with Kids in Your Missional Community

A group of kids having fun together.

Kids are great! But sometimes when all together, things can feel hectic and distracted. One of the most common questions we hear connected to this is, “What do you do with kids in your missional community? How do you handle them, what types of activities do you do for them, etc.?” In this episode of…

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How to Revive Your Missional Community

Feeling like your church small group or missional community is a bit of a dud, lately? They can oftentimes get stuck as just a weekly meeting and never really become the intentional, life-on-life, daily experience they are meant to be. (And can be.) In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, we talk about how…

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How to Create a Lifestyle of Discipleship

Is discipleship about gaining knowledge, or is it about a transformed life? Is it a series of classes or, like with Jesus and his pals, was it an all-of-life kind of a deal? In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, we’re talking about true discipleship and looking at what a lifestyle of discipleship looks…

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Start a Movement or Join a Movement

A group of young adults celebrating together, arms raised, as they make disciples

Often with disciple-making, we either have no framework for making disciples of Jesus, or we put together such an elaborate plan that is destined to fizzle out. This week on the Everyday Disciple Podcast, Caesar talks with a movement leader in Belgium who has helped create a network of communities that are making disciples in…

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The Patience Needed For Discipleship

A mother patiently teaching her child to ties his shoes.

Discipleship is definitely more of a slow cooking process rather than something done at microwave speeds. Maybe that’s why the church in recent history has had such a hard time with making disciples: We want instant conversions, instant attendance, and instant new programs… This week on the Everyday Disciple Podcast, Caesar is joined by disciple-maker…

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Moving From Attracting To Deploying

Arrows pointing toward a church building and then arrows pointing away from a gathered group of Christians

Part of the major lack of discipleship we see in the Church today comes back to the reality that many, or most, are still living and leading their people in light of the Old Covenant! New Covenant churches are focused on making disciples who increasingly fill the world with disciples of Jesus. This week on…

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How To Develop New Missional Leaders Pt.2

One man at the top of a mountain peak helping another climber make it to the top

If you are not intentionally developing new leaders within your church or missional community–all the time–you will find yourself with a “leadership vacuum”. Don’t wait until you are lacking leaders who will serve and help with growth. You need to develop new leaders as a part of your ongoing disciple-making process. This week on the…

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