118: Why Bi-Vocational Ministry is the Future of Church Leadership

For many Christians, a paid position on their church’s staff may seem like the big dream… like they’ve arrived at the “real ministry” pinnacle. In this episode of Lifeschool we’re going to talk about the future of church leadership and who should be having paid positions at the church. And how, maybe, full time vocational ministry is shifting in our time.

For as long as we’ve been alive in the church, there has been a sort of two-tiered system of Christians: those that who are smart or “called” enough and lucky enough to be on the staff at church and actually get paid to do ministry… and then there was pretty much everyone else. Or what is often referred to as the “laity” or the never ending line of church volunteers.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How the rise of layers of paid church staff is really a late model invention
  • How there is a shift happening to what is called bi-vocational ministry (bivo)
  • 7 benefits to bi-vocational ministry and church planting that propel ministry
  • Why planning for a future career in paid ministry may not work for you
  • How to create self-sustaining income without having to sacrifice your time with your family or neglect your church

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bi-vocational ministry

While it is certainly a privilege to have your church community help to meet your needs financially, there is no two-tiered system in the kingdom of God. We are all full-time paid missionaries–God get’s to choose how and through which means he routes our paychecks!

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