107: How To Talk About Politics Without Being A Jerk

Our world is divided. People of varying opinions and beliefs are attempting to make sense of it all while demonizing those who are different than them. How might being a follower of Jesus change the way we have political conversations? In this episode, Caesar and Heath give you a way to avoid becoming a polarizing jerk.

Have you ever felt like you were innocently sharing your opinion about some topic of the day when things turned ugly? Do you find it hard to be loving when people hold such radically different views than you do? Especially when it comes to politics and government, all while claiming to be Christians? If not, you’ve probably just avoided today’s hot-button issues all together.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to be a “peacemaker” when it comes to talking politics
  • How Jesus addressed the political situation of his day (Roman rule!)
  • A positive way for Christians to address these topics on social media
  • Better questions to ask when having online conversations
  • How important political conversations were for Jesus and his crew

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how to talk about politics

There is no need to avoid talking about politics or other sticky life-issues. You can have the confidence to speak your mind, speak from the heart and speak the truth in love. Hard topics are some of the best opportunities we have to truly get to know others and understand their hopes, fears and desires.


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