108: How To Plan Awesome Dates With Your Spouse

Dating and date nights are not just for the young and in love. Date nights are an important part to keeping love and romance alive in your marriage. Today, we discuss the importance of having date nights with your spouse and give some practical tips on how to make them fun and meaningful.

What Are You Doing Friday Night?

Feeling like the man or woman sleeping next to you is becoming more like a roommate or business partner? Maybe it’s been too long since you’ve been on a date with your spouse! What used to come easily as something that built intimacy and deeper connection can easily fall by the wayside of business, tiredness and just plain…life.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to have a marriage that is worth imitating
  • How easy it is to fall into a “problem-solving” mode of marriage and how to escape that
  • The benefits of keeping a regularly scheduled date night
  • 5 Quick Tips to upping your “Date Night” game
  • What not to do on date nights

Get started here…

how to plan dates with your spouse

With a little intentionality, and a few of these tips, you’ll easily find or rekindle the spark that used to light up your days (and nights!). Date nights will become a much-loved and protected time in the regular rhythm of your marriage–something you need and look forward to.


When you have a consistent, intentional date night, you are modeling the importance of your marriage and relationship to your kids and others. Our married children are now carrying on the tradition of having date nights, and they are just getting started in marriage.


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