216: A Week in the Life of a Missional Community

week in life missional community

If you try and treat life and the rhythms in a missional community like a light switch, something you suddenly flip on in your lives, you’ll be disappointed and frustrated. It takes time for any group of people to develop new rhythms and begin to truly feel as if they are part of a family.…

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215: Are You Too Comfortable for a Missional Life?

too comfortable for missional life

We live in a culture oriented entirely toward comfort, and the church is not immune to this allure. Are we just dissatisfied consumers hoping to find our perfectly customized dream job, dream house, dream vacation, and even our dream church and a perfectly comfortable dream life? This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we’ll help you…

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214: Is Your Family Prepared for Missional Living?

family prepared for missional living

The foundation of living as a ‘family on mission’ is believing you are part of God’s family and seeing others as family members that God is looking to restore and bring close to himself. And all of it must be a natural outgrowth of our family life together on mission. This week on the Lifeschool…

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