112: It’s Time to Reinvent the Church

Has the church substituted fun in the place of adventure? And the frontiers for the pew? This week Caesar and Heath talk with author, church planter and our pal, Peyton Jones. His new book “Reaching The Unreached” is a call to convert pew jockeys into missionaries and awake the sleeping giant of Christ’s church in our day. And he’s a fun guy!

Peyton helps put a new light on the fact that God uses ordinary people in everyday life to show his love. And how rather than waiting for people to emerge as leaders, we need to be calling up those around us to a greater kingdom adventure and lifestyle. And this includes YOU!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Creative ideas for being with and reaching into your culture
  • How to look for the “next ordinary” leaders among you
  • What happens when the Church loses her Mission
  • The role the Holy Spirit plays in our lives when we live “on mission”

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time to reinvent the church

Jesus’ call to make disciples is to be held as our primary mission and reason to exist, gather, and plant churches. Let’s find the new “ordinary” leaders who will cross the yard, cross the street, and cross the globe.

Each week the Big 3 will give you immediate action steps to get you started.

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