206: How to Speak Gently and Think Clearly Amidst Conflict

It happens over and over again: a political argument with a friend, a fight about racial issues on the internet, a disagreement with a coworker… At the first sign of conflict, we flee to a bunker with people who think like us and—internally or externally—attack everyone else. We feel safe there, but it’s killing us: killing families, friendships, civility, and discourse.

This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we’ll talk with author Brian Jennings and discover there is a better way… and we can walk in it! It may look like you’re dodging cultural landmines, but you just might be learning how to dance!

God is not wanting you to believe or settle for a watered-down version of the truth. He offers a way to break down walls with a Truth that heals families, friendships, churches, and communities.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The “thing behind the thing” with all the conflict we see in ideology today.
  • How Jesus faced personal, political, and relational conflict–and dealt with it.
  • How to practice “The 4 Ways of Wisdom” in our conversations and conflict.
  • Practical steps you can take now to be Good News within dark conversations.

Get started here…

think clearly amidst conflict

From this episode:

“Engage before you contend. Get involved in the issues you care about and engage those involved and affected by the issue before you try and win every argument connected to this topic. Practice gracious restraint.”


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You can find Brian Jennings’ books and blog at dancinginnomansland.com

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