159: From The Pulpit To The People: Shifting to a Life on Mission

Leading people to new places in life and ministry can be hard. Too often our churches and small groups are primarily focused on… well, ourselves. Helping our people shift to a life on mission with God that is outwardly focused is the dream.

In this episode of the Lifeschool Podcast, we talk about leading people from being pew-sitters to active disciple makers. And guess what? This all starts in the mirror!

And if you are a pastor and need to navigate Elders or a Session, leadership teams, or stubborn board members toward mission, as you lead your people, this episode will give you practical and doable steps to get started.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What the mission of the church really is (or should be).
  • Why before change happens in your people it needs to happen in you.
  • How to make major strides in shifting people to a life on mission in 8 weeks.
  • What to do if your board or leaders are dragging their feet on this.
  • Practical steps for moving forward with everyone… step-by-step.

Get started here…

shifting to a life on mission

Discouragement and setbacks are to be expected as the tide starts to turn. Be of courage. The steps and resources in this episode of Lifeschool are proven in every context and different type of church setting. Don’t get stuck–get started. And keep going!


Each week the Big 3 will give you immediate action steps to get you started.Start a Missional Community from ScratchDownload today’s BIG 3 right now. Read and think over them again later. You might even want to share them with others…

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