172: How to Have the Best Summer on Mission

Summer is here again, yes!  And for many involved in vocational ministry or even a regular part of a small group or missional community, summer is a time for a taking a break from ministry… Don’t do it! Your neighbors and friends are all out looking for fun and relationships this summer.

This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we are gonna show you why and how to take advantage of these summer months to boost your community life and discipleship this fall.

Summer is gold! And there is a level of intentionality we get to live with as we “breathe out” beyond our own family and closer circle of friends. The rhythms you already live in are the perfect way to build deeper relationships with new friends and people of peace this summer.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why summer’s the time to “lean into” new relationships rather than take a break.
  • Where new friendships are “hiding” in your neighborhood.
  • Why kids are such a great opportunity for building relationships in the summer.
  • How to set yourself up for autumn and discipleship with these new friends.
  • A pile of fun, easy, and practical examples to try this summer in your neighborhood or community.
  • How to get started this week in a way that fits your schedule!

Get started here…

best summer on mission

From this episode:

“After just a few weeks of hosting our Friday night BBQ with our neighbors, we started hearing them say things like, ‘You are giving us the neighborhood we always wanted to have and live in!’ and, ‘Could we start to have this over at our house once in a while too…?’”


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