Gospel Fluency Tunes Our Ear To Others’ Hearts

Headphones on a red heart listening deeply to a person.

Everyone’s stories–the big life stories and the smaller stories that make up our lives and relationships–offer an immediate and powerful way to listen for opportunities to speak the good news of the gospel into a person’s life and circumstances. In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, Caesar Kalinowski talks with Terry Miller, a missionary…

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Are Your Church Elders Really Deacons? (And vice versa)

Servant with towel draped over forearm.

A lot of men called ‘elders’ in the Church today are not functioning as biblical elders. Maybe what they are actually doing is a lot closer to the work of the deacons? Many cling to their titles, when in fact they’re not leading God’s people by example on the only mission Jesus gave his church:…

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Being Salt and Light in Our Divided Culture

Scissors cutting through paper cutouts of a diverse group of people

Clearly, we live in an increasingly divided culture. Do we retreat, or do we engage this cultural chasm with a person-to-person and systemic response? Maybe, as Jesus said, we can begin to live as both SALT and LIGHT despite our differences. In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, Caesar shows us three very important…

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Making The Mission of God a Family Story w/Hugh Halter

Hugh Halter at a cafe table drinking coffee

Parents raising a “righteous brood” is part of Jesus’ plan to see justice, mercy, and the fullness of his kingdom transform the earth. He wants to see you growing your kids into people who will usher in God’s kingdom, for the good of all. This week on the Everyday Disciple Podcast, Caesar speaks with author…

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Being Missionaries to Our Neighbors: A Discipleship Journey

Friends talking across a backyard fence building relationship and having fun

Most Christians are sick of the “hamster wheel” of ministry activities they’re expected to fit into their schedules. And it can be frustrating trying to get the folks in your church to engage in discipleship and outreach in their busy, daily lives.  This week on the Everyday Disciple Podcast, Caesar and his wife Tina share…

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Moving People To Maturity Through Relational Growth

Two friends having coffee as they discuss disciple-making.

How we invest in our relationships is a big part of making disciples that make more disciples and lead others in the church. Jesus lived intentionally with his disciples by inviting them to join him in every aspect of life, and by challenging them in ways that encouraged trust, growth, and maturity. This week on the…

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Discipleship Rhythms For a Community on Mission

Kids from a missional community in a circle looking down at the camera and laughing

Ministry and discipleship cannot merely be a series of events on the calendar. If all we have are organized events, then what we offer people is a program. But, if all we do in our disciple-making is organic and rarely organized or predictable, it is hard for people to know what it is we’re asking…

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4 Truths About God That Will Impact Your Parenting

Parents holding young children on their shoulders as they view a beautiful sunset

What you believe about God, overall and in the moment, affects how you parent your kids. Sometimes what we say we believe, and what our actions show we believe, are far apart. This week on the Everyday Disciple Podcast, we’ll give you 4 truths about God that will forever challenge, and hopefully change, your parenting.…

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What Causes Sin and How to Stop It

“Just stop it!” doesn’t really work when it comes to changing sinful actions, habits, or thoughts in our lives (or in others). And perhaps what you’ve been taught about sin and repentance is all wrong… Today on the Everyday Disciple Podcast, we talk about where sin really comes from and how we can move away…

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Why Planning Rest Before Work Is Smart

Feet in the sand relaxing on the beach under an umbrella

Sabbath rest is not about just taking a break. It’s about putting an end to the restlessness of self, and self-provision, that keeps us living distracted, frantic, and fragmented lives of dissatisfaction.  This week on the Everyday Disciple Podcast, we talk about why planning your rest before work is smart and crucial to living the…

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Beyond the Resolutions: Ideas for Staying on Track

Many failed attempts to set and achieve goals and resolutions are scattered on a desktop.

If you’re like many people, you may have made some resolutions at the beginning of the year with the best of intentions, but you may be struggling to stay on track now that the year is already underway. In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, we give you practical tips and strategies for keeping…

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Our Need For Innovation in the Church Today

A rocket's fiery propulsion contrasted against the serene floating of hot air balloons representing the role of the Church in shaping culture and society.

There was a time when Christians and the Church pioneered much of the future, shaping culture in profound ways, from business to art to justice reform. But along the way, that redemptive, adaptive movement began to institutionalize, leaving us change-averse and frozen in time. In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, Caesar welcomes innovation…

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The Beauty of the Gospel vs. Religion

Many people who avoid the Church have not rejected Jesus and the Good News of the Gospel; they’ve actually, rightfully so, shunned religion. And they’ve dismissed a transactional way of relating to God and an effort to somehow balance out the cosmic scales of his justice. In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, we…

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Is Tithing Actually Biblical?

Christians are taught that we should be giving 10% of everything we earn to the church. Is the practice of tithing still in effect for us today, or is it time to reconsider this practice? This week on the Everyday Disciple Podcast, we’ll look at the truth about tithing. Is it biblical? Are we under-giving…

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Do Christians Party Like They Believe The Gospel?

Christians should be the most celebratory people in the world. In every neighborhood, in every city. Do you agree with that? Well, our heavenly Father is sure into parties! In this episode, Caesar and Heath talk about how to celebrate according to the gospel. And we dig deep into historical and biblical proof that our…

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How to Be Confident in Your Unique Calling

People who know their calling in life seem to live with a form of built-in GPS that guides them throughout their lives. They’re focused, they know where they’re going. And while calling and vocation sometimes overlap, they are in fact very different things. This week on the Everyday Disciple Podcast, you’ll discover how to find…

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Could a 2nd Job Be Part of Your Calling?

Does your current ministry role and lifestyle help you realize and experience what people in your city really face–the things that are really on their hearts? Believers and not-yet-believers? Maybe God has been preparing you for the next part of his calling on your life. In this episode of The Everyday Disciple Podcast, Caesar talks…

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How The Gospel Speaks To Guilt and Shame

Understanding the difference between guilt and shame and how the gospel heals us

Guilt or shame… are they the same thing? The last time you made a mistake or really blew it, what were you feeling in your gut: guilt or shame? Do you know the difference? One is healthy, and the other is deadly. In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, I’ll show you why understanding…

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Is Bi-Vocational Ministry the Future For Leaders?

For as long as we’ve all been alive, there has been sort of a two-tiered system for Christians: Those who are “called” enough and lucky enough to be on the staff at church and actually get paid to do ministry… and then there was pretty much everyone else. Or what is often referred to as…

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