Are You Too Busy For Discipleship?

too busy for discipleship

“I’m too busy for all of that!” We hear this opposition to discipleship as a lifestyle more than any other. And as crazy as it sounds, Churches say the same thing. In this episode, Caesar asks the question: Are you too busy for discipleship? If you are honest, you may not be happy with your…

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Is Missional Church (Still) Our Best Option?

missional church best option

It may be hard to believe… The “missional movement” began over 20 years ago. With it came the hope to transform the Church and make loads of new disciples. Did it happen? Is it happening?  In this episode, Caesar confronts the massive shift we’re seeing as the western church emerges from the pandemic with a question:…

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Introverts and Extroverts on Mission Post-pandemic

introverts extroverts on mission

Once upon a time, we had a wide world of socializing opportunities. But the COVID pandemic made many of our common social interactions dangerous, or legally impossible, shrinking our relational connections significantly. And some people enjoyed that change. In this episode, Caesar discusses how introverts and extroverts are engaging discipleship and mission differently as social…

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Beware These 7 Community Relationship Killers

community relationship killers

Life in a community on God’s mission is messy. It just is. Lots of relational dynamics come into play… hopes, fears, preferences, etc. Things will get complicated when you have humans working together! In this episode, Caesar gives you 7 community relationship killers that you’ll want to watch for and avoid. You’re going to need…

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Hearing God With a Head Full of Voices

hearing god

Are we hearing impaired when it comes to the voice of God? Could it be that what we believe and have labeled as relational, emotional, and spiritual problems are actually ‘hearing’ problems?  In this episode, Caesar shows us how to turn down the negative voices in our heads, dial in the authentic divine Voice, and…

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7 Challenges To Cultural Diversity in the Church

cultural diversity in the church

Experiencing a diverse group of believers walking with and worshiping God together as a family is a beautiful thing. However, there will be obstacles to overcome for this to become a common reality. In this episode, Caesar walks through 7 challenges to greater cultural diversity that are facing the Church. Some of these are age-old;…

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Helping People Feel Like Part of Your Family

part of your family

With more Christians and churches doing home-based micro churches and neighborhood-focused expressions, it’s fair to ask: how are we making people feel when they’re in our homes or anywhere with us? In this episode, Caesar and his wife, Tina, let you in on a recent coaching call where they discuss treating people like family–not like…

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Missional Community: Neighborhood or Network?

Missional Community Neighborhood or Network

When making disciples in community, a common strategy question arises: should we have a Missional Community that is only neighborhood-based, or should we start a Missional Community that’s relationally network-based? In this episode, Caesar lays out the advantages and disadvantages of both neighborhood and networked-based approaches to community building. And the importance of creating organized…

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Creating a Multi-Generational Family Team

creating a family team

For many in Western civilization, our idea of “family” seems like a failed experiment. We’ve been sold the line that the family exists primarily as a springboard for the individual. But what if our families functioned more like a team–a team on a mission? In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, Caesar talks with…

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Is Discipleship Different for Women?

Discipleship Different Women

Men’s and women’s ministries have been separated in the church for years. But the church is a family. And when we disciple together, as a family in community, we experience deeper discipleship in every area of life. In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, Caesar is joined by his wife Tina, and their friend…

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Restarting Your Missional Community Rhythms

restarting missional community rhythms

Our best intentions don’t always stay that intentional, and the stuff of life (plus this past year of social distancing) has derailed even our best efforts at living together in a missional community. In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, Caesar will give you a few simple, intentional rhythms that you can dive into…

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Can Starfish Help Us Reimagine Church?

Starfish Reimagine Church

The Church was originally a decentralized movement. Before everything became housed in church buildings with hierarchical leadership, the priesthood of all believers was equipped and sent to make disciples. In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, Caesar talks with Rob Wegner and Lance Ford about why the distributed structures of ‘starfish’ organizations uniquely fit…

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