Becoming a Family on Mission Pt.1

A husband and wife with two kids engaging in acts of service to their neighbors.

Discipleship, in many ways, is a re-parenting of people, a re-parenting of their culture. People need to understand and experience life in our perfect Father’s family and life in the Kingdom before they fully understand the love of God. Do others experience that when they hang out with your family? In this episode of the…

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6 Gospel Keys to Praying Like Jesus

6 well used keys laying on a table representing the ancient truths of the gospel found in Jesus relational prayer model for his disciples.

Prayer was always meant to be a conversation with our heavenly Father, our Daddy. If your prayers are cold, formal, self-focused or rare, then seeing prayer as a time you get to talk with Dad will draw you to the source of all life and love. This week on the Everyday Disciple Podcast, we’ll show…

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Feeling Awkward: Conquering the Fear of Rejection

A man is looking awkward and fears being rejected when he shares his faith.

Why do we fear rejection and oftentimes feel like weirdos when we try to talk about spiritual topics or even come close to ‘sharing our faith’?   In this episode, Caesar and Heath discuss the most common reasons people get scared and fearful when talking about spirituality. We’ll also give 3 Quick Tips that you…

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Why Jesus Wants Us to Stop Going to Church

Solitary old man sits alone in the pews of a large empty church building.

Jesus never told his disciples (us Christians) to go to church. He never commanded us to put on big worship services and lots of programs. Instead, he called us to believe our true identity and be the church. In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, Caesar and Heath discuss how language creates culture, and how…

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Making Guests Feel Like Family

A young family is greeted at the door with a warm embrace.

Guests never do any work or preparation; family members always pitch in. We try and impress guests with our hospitality; family members expect to be “part of the flow” and help themselves to whatever they need. Are you treating people like guests or like family? In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, we ask…

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Beyond Judgment: Radically Accepting Sinners

A man with dirty feet, spiritually speaking, looks for love and acceptance.

Often we let others’ sins define them and divide us. But our ongoing involvement and relationships, especially with those we think of as “sinners”, begin with our own profound grasp of God’s grace. In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, we’ll see why Jesus came to be called a friend of sinners. And I’ll…

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Cigars, Theology & Discipleship

To disciple someone in all aspects of life requires a deliberate level of intentionality. It is essential to engage in everyday activities together and integrate discipleship and training into these ordinary moments. This week on the Everyday Disciple Podcast, we talk about a form of discipleship that includes cigars, fireplaces, and maybe an occasional glass…

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Mealtime Mission: Cultivating Discipleship in Family Rhythms

A young family holds hands and prays as part of their daily mealtimes and discipleship together.

Everyone I know feels maxed out on their schedules with the commitments they already have. Yet we are all living with a rhythm that provides one of the most valuable and recurring opportunities for discipleship in our families: Dinner. This week on the Everyday Disciple Podcast, we show you how to re-tool and repurpose your…

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Rabbit Colonies and Trojan Elephants w/ Dan Grider

Imagine having two pairs of animals—a pair of rabbits and a pair of elephants. Both male and female. After 36 months, you’ll have three elephants due to their lengthy gestation period. However, during the same period, the rabbit population would multiply into the millions. The contrast lies in the reproductive nature of rabbits, which is…

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Advent Week 3: God Is Good So We Can Find Joy In Our Life

God is good–and only does good–so we don't have to look elsewhere for our satisfaction and joy.

For hundreds of years, the church has anticipated the coming of Jesus during the season of Advent. Into this space, this void, the angels announced to the shepherds the good news of Jesus that would bring great joy to all people.  In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, Caesar continues the Advent Series as…

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Advent Week 2: We Live With Peace Because God Is Glorious

Advent Week 2: We Live With Peace Because God Is Glorious

The peace Jesus came to bring was not coercive or backed up by military might, and it was not the type of peace that most of the world was looking for. The announcement of the Messiah’s birth heralded something different and transformational. In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, Caesar continues the Advent Series…

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Advent Week 1: We Have Hope Because God Is Great

Candles of hope burning at an Advent Service to remind us of the hope we have in Christ.

The story of Christ’s birth is a story of promise, hope, and revolutionary love. So, what happened? What was once a time to celebrate the birth of a savior has somehow turned into a season of stress, shopping lists, and debt. In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, Caesar starts a special Advent Series by…

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5 Stereotypes Christians Need To Change

Misguided Christian man shouting through a people in a park.

We all seem to put people into a box–labeling them in ways that we can either easily dismiss, or categorically aspire to, without really getting into the messiness of really knowing them. Most are likely to say that stereotypes are not true, yet they still exist and influence our perceptions in profound ways. This week…

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Why We Want To Let Our Redemption Show

A young man sitting holding a yellow sign with a question mark on it, as he considers all the ways God is redeeming his life.

When we can be honest about where we’re at with our problems and in our own spiritual life, it permits others to do the same. Ask yourself, do others feel safe to approach you, even with their sins and screw-ups? This week on the Everyday Disciple Podcast, we’ll show you why it’s important to let…

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Living on Mission When Your Spouse Is Not Into It

Discipleship starts in your home and works its way out through relationships. So our families and marriages need to be the “red hot center” of discipleship that we invite others into. But what happens if you’re trying to live on Mission and your spouse is not into it? This week on the Everyday Disciple Podcast,…

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What is True Freedom and How Do We Find It?

Young woman is overjoyed and a bit surprised by the joy and freedom she is now experiencing in Christ.

Do you feel like you are truly living in freedom? Is there an ease and lightness in your head and heart about your life and relationships?  Is the idea of “freedom in Christ” just a nice sentiment… or does it have real implications for our lives today? This week on the Everyday Disciple Podcast, we…

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Stop Waiting! Bloom Where You’re Planted

A beautiful flower pushes its way through a crack in the pavement to full bloom.

With all of the changes we’ve seen in life over the past several months and years, many people I know have stalled in their disciple-making and living life on mission. Everything is different, and many seem to have lost their way—feeling a bit stuck. Waiting… In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, Caesar gives…

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God, Guns and the Second Amendment

The Bible, two pistols and an American flag displayed to show the connection and confusion with Christianity and gun laws.

One of today’s biggest and most vigorously debated issues is gun control. Statistics show Americans of all persuasions and political affiliations have become increasingly opposed to more gun control laws, despite the growing number of mass shootings. Yet clearly, some cry out for greater gun control. This week on the Everyday Disciple Podcast, we talk…

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The Emotional Toll on Church Leadership

Church leader with hair on fire, emotionally burned out from the expectations of church leadership.

Pastors and other ministry leaders are often under so much stress that they find themselves hanging on by a thread, oftentimes for years, ready to burn out from exhaustion or blow out morally. This is a huge problem facing the Church today.  In this episode of the Everyday Disciple Podcast, we talk about the alarming…

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