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164: How Jesus Explained Life and Growth in the Kingdom

Are you living a “Kingdom lifestyle” today in a very real sense? Do you feel like growth, abundance, and victory are all a part of your community life and church experience?

This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, Caesar and Heath talk about how Jesus explained normal life and growth in the Kingdom of God.

As more and more of us are starting, shifting to, and living in missional communities, we often wonder if we’re “doing it right”. Does this work in every context for everyone? Do all missional communities grow and multiply? How much should this become a lifestyle versus a series of “cooler” meetings and hang outs?

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The true definition of a Missional Community defined.
  • Caesar’s story of a pretty rocky start to all of this!
  • How Jesus explained life (all of it) and growth, and what to expect.
  • The Pattern and Promise we see throughout the Parables in the NT.
  • Practical steps and resources to get you and your community unstuck.

Get started here…

life and growth in the kingdom

From this episode:

“There is a reason Jesus lived and taught in the ways he did. He wasn’t random or cleverly trying to adapt to the local customs of his day. Yes, his methods were rooted in real life, and they were immersed into his culture, but there was something far more eternal and subversive going on.”


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Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

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