Everyday Discipleship + Our 3 Year Anniversary

For Jesus, discipleship was a lifestyle, not a series of classes or big events he worked hard to promote and fill up the room. And he didn’t teach morality or doctrine and send his disciples out to try and sin less as they waited for his return.

This week on the Lifeschool Podcast, we celebrate our 3rd anniversary of the show and reaffirm the importance of everyday discipleship. We’ll share our vision for resourcing you to live a lifestyle of discipleship in the months and years ahead. Join us…the party has already started!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Caesar and Heath’s favorite episodes from the past 3 years.
  • Who some of our favorite and most engaged listeners are.
  • Why we will keep waving the banner of “discipleship as a lifestyle”.
  • Upcoming opportunities to have Caesar and Heath in your city.

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everyday discipleship as lifestyle

From this episode:

“We’ve said this over and over, but it remains true, and it’s the heartbeat of our show: Discipleship is the process of helping people move from unbelief to belief, about the gospel in absolutely every area of life. That means discipleship is going to have to happen in, and address, every area of normal, everyday life. That’s what we are speaking to, and offering resources on here every week on the LIfeschool Podcast.”


Each week the Big 3 will give you immediate action steps to get you started.
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