116: How to Make Sure You’re Developing the Right Leaders

Developing new leaders is crucial to the success and growth of any ministry or organization. Without it we are facing a growing list of responsibilities that will eventually crush us. And most definitely a future that will not include multiplication. In this episode we’ll teach you how to determine the right people you should be giving your best time to developing as leaders.

Is everyone really a leader? Could you be wasting your time developing the wrong people? Let us teach you a way (and give you the resources) that will show you exactly who is already in your life that will be good stewardship of your time resources, and a good kingdom investment.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • A new paradigm of leadership development: Crop vs. Yeast
  • The 5 Cs for identifying the best leaders
  • How discipleship and leadership development work together
  • Jesus’ model for identifying and developing his “leaders” (disciples)

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developing the right leaders

Jesus preached to the crowds, taught those that would show up and listen, but he gave the bulk of his time to just a dozen people. He developed and discipled them in such a way that he could see them in action, answer their questions and do life together. Then he sent his maturing “yeast” out to affect and transform the world. And it worked!

We are living proof today that Jesus’ method and focus on the fewer that in turn develop the next, and on and on, worked!


In addition to this week’s Big 3 we’ll add my free eGuide: Who Are Your Next Leaders? This guide will help you identify who specifically you want to look for when developing leaders for your community, church ministry or organization

Each week the Big 3 will give you immediate action steps to get you started.

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