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Even though this full course will be made available at 80% Off on Friday, I want to make sure you and your family, church or community maximize this training...

So I’ll be opening up 25 “Advanced” spots for live, face-to-face video strategy sessions with me and my wife, Tina, to create a personalized Roadmap for you to live out–and live into–discipleship as a lifestyle.

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A little about me...

I'm a spiritual entrepreneur and the author of several books and courses, including the top-selling, Gospel Primer.

I help those with a high commitment to intentional living in the areas of their discipleship, family, and missional living acquire the leadership skills and tools necessary to succeed and leave a lasting legacy. I see all of life as Mission! And I've helped thousands of people do the same.

I speak, train and coach full-time. I've been married for 36 years and have three awesome children. Hit me up at if you have any questions.