You can live a vibrant lifestyle of discipleship and mission when you experience this
integrated lifestyle apprenticeship.

I have come that you may have life, and have it to the fullest. ~Jesus

This is the Year You'll Finally Change Things

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Imagine having the tools, confidence and encouragement you need to have a healthy family and vibrant life in missional community.

Imagine authentically living out your faith and sharing a Kingdom-now lifestyle with others where the Gospel transforms all of life. Today.

Let's get you started.

LAUNCH offers a unique combination of innovative ideas and teaching, heart transformation and live immersive training experiences all in real-time, (with practitioners) that create an Integrated Lifestyle Apprenticeship.

This is not a toolbox of recycled conference videos the size of a station wagon that you are left to try and understand and apply on your own.

You'll need to actually walk with others
who live this way in order to truly "get it".

We want to invite you to come and join us, at our home, and experience what a lifestyle of discipleship and mission looks and tastes like. How else could you accurately reproduce something you've never experienced? Imagine trying to play the violin at a concert and you've never been taught how or heard a violin played?

At each of the three Immersions (3 days each in our home, 6 months apart) we will spend the day together, eat meals together, have live teaching, prayer and you'll have plenty of time for planning and reflection to work out your "next steps" that fit your life at home.

You'll have a whole lot of fun, encouragement and leave
and confident to lean into this lifestyle.

"Caesar has a rare talent of taking complex ideas and expressing them in truly simple ways, especially when it comes to applying the gospel to everyday life."   ~ Tim Catchim, Author


Cultural desires for authentic, meaningful relationships
and interest in spiritual things are actually on the rise.

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Your neighbors are most definitely NOT breaking down the doors of your church services. 

“There will be less than 15% of Americans in attendance at a church
by 2025.” ~ R. J. Krejcir Ph.D. Francis A. Schaeffer Institute

And Christians ARE breaking down the doors, but to get OUT! Christians are leaving traditional churches in droves, each week, and increasingly.

“More than 85% of American adults were raised Christian, but nearly a quarter of those who were raised Christian no longer identify with Christianity. ” ~ Pew Research Center

However, the "spiritual but not religious" crowd is growing at the fastest pace. Young people, families and singles are progressing in their spirituality and are looking for a safe community to learn and grow in. Will they find a faith that touches down in the normal stuff of life?

You can be the ones that offer them a place at your table and a Family to walk with. Life-on-life and life in community.

There is a HIGH chance that your kids
may abandon their Christian faith.

More than a third of young adults in the Millennial generation (35%) now say they have no religion, according to the Pew Research Center. That is up 10 points from 2007. And it is even higher for the next 'Generation Z' growing up behind them.

Will this be your kids...your friends' and neighbors' kids?

This lifestyle apprenticeship gives you an integrated and full life – combining your personal, family, community and church. You will include your kids in everything you do on mission, in the normal rhythms of life, giving them a tangible faith that makes sense–here, now. Forever.

You'll no longer have to try and figure out how to expand relationships, go deeper spiritually, or disciple your own kids with hunches, guesses or assumptions that don't work.

"The gospel impact on our own street is already increasing significantly since receiving Caesar’s training.”   ~ Nic Harding

Nic Harding

If you want Jesus’ life, you need to live like Jesus did.

Jesus lived the best possible life of any human ever! This is the life he came to give us, and taught his disciples to reproduce in the ends of the world.

“I have come that you would have life and have it to the fullest.” ~Jesus

Jesus was a carpenter and was far more likely to think of his disciples as apprentices, not just as students.

As Jesus’ disciples, we learn, and pass on His life through a full, all-of-life apprenticeship... in community with others; A family that is blessed to be a blessing and outrageously generous and inclusive.

If there was a better way to do this, Jesus would have done that!

This is the best investment of time and money you could ever give yourself, your marriage, your kids and future generations.

Coffee moneyMost Christians spend way more on Starbucks than they do on their own spiritual development. Or the spiritual development of their kids and others.  (How 'bout you?)

Then they wonder why nothing ever changes. They stay stuck in the rut of a Sunday-to-Sunday spiritual practice that is focused on sin management and behavioral modification.

Those Disney vacations are great, but they'll never train you in gospel fluency or transform the motivations of your heart. 

An investment in LAUNCH pays off BIG dividends and immediate
rewards. And this apprenticeship opportunity pays off now and
keeps on growing and blessing others...who bless others...who bless...

A now and forever payoff in freedom and confidence.



“We love the format and all of the content. It has been extremely practical and encouraging for us!”   ~ Jamie and Tammy Lancaster

So why can I make these types of bold claims?
And why should you pay close attention to what I am sharing with you today?

Hey, I'm Caesar Kalinowski. (you probably know that by now) I'm a spiritual entrepreneur and the author of several books and online courses, including the top selling, Gospel Primer and Bigger Gospel.  

But that's not why you should trust me or join us in LAUNCH. What I am most privileged to have done is live a lifestyle of discipleship and mission for years with my family, close friends and neighbors.

My wife Tina and I have helped apprentice thousands of people and helped hundreds of couples and leadership teams acquire this same "eternity now" lifestyle. A life lived in community where your faith is tangible and lived out in the normal rhythms of everyday life.

Some call this “starting a missional community”, some call it planting a church, some call it shifting their small group to missional. We call it life in the Kingdom. A lifestyle of discipleship and mission with those close to you.

I've been fortunate to be trusted by, and work with, some of the largest networks, conferences and publications anywhere.

And now we want to open our lives–and our home in a very special way to a small group of people. I hope you'll be one of them!

Network social proof

Don't Just Take My Word For It

What Top Leaders Are Saying

Alan Hirsch

Alan Hirsch

“Caesar’s life is his message. I know what he communicates has been worked out in the white hot arena of a life well-lived.”

Hugh Halter

Hugh Halter

"Thank you Caesar for blowing the dust off of the relics of religious life and opening up the window to a God-breathed life."

Ed Stetzer

Ed Stetzer

"Caesar challenges us to see that the Christian life is more than a state of mind, it is a way of life that begins with a transformed heart of love."

Our Approach

Gospel:  We will help you see how the Gospel is truly good news for all of life. You will grow in your "gospel fluency" and naturally lead others in the same ways.

Community:  You will learn how to live as an extended family where discipleship happens. Not as a series of programs or lessons, but as a lifestyle with others.

Mission:  You will learn how to keep the mission–making disciples–clear, up front and organic; a part of every-day life, while seeding multiplication into everything you do.

Gospel-Community-Mission block

"I’d be lying if I said that living out these principles and your teachings are always easy. But wow, are they worth it! At first, some of this seemed really new, but once our community started living them out it has completely changed how we interact with one another and with God. I really can’t imagine living any other way.   ~ Nicole 


Warning Sign

WARNING: This is messy. Just like family life is messy.

Your need for others and your desires to be accepted will really be brought to the surface. Because not everyone (like in my story) will go along with you.

Some friendships may change while you form many other new, rich relationships, expanding into ever-widening circles. Having greater impact in your neighborhood.

Unbelief in the gospel, in hidden areas of stress and conflict in your life, will surface and be addressed, moving you to freedom and greater effectiveness in your Christian witness and relationships.

 What You'll Get

Here's What You'll Experience When You Enroll in the
LAUNCH Integrated Lifestyle Apprenticeship Today

Immediate Resources Sent to Your Home

Learning...Unlearning  We'll get you started right away, and begin to reshape some of your existing paradigms of what it looks like to live in true gospel-centered communities on mission. As soon as you register we'll send you a copy of two of my books:

  • Transformed: A New Way of Being Christian
    This book will take you deep into understanding your true identity in Christ and lay a foundation of language and practices for your apprenticeship.
  • Small is Big, Slow is Fast: Leading Your Family and Community on God's Mission
    This book will walk you through the basics of the LAUNCH lifestyle apprenticeship and begin to introduce you to the "arc of formation" you will experience over the next 18 months.

Learning new rhythms, language and practices takes time–and repetition. These books are "prerequisite" reading for your journey and will fast-track your success in your new lifestyle.

Three 3-Day Immersion Trainings

At each of the three Immersions (3 days long, each in our home) we will spend the day together, eat meals together, have live teaching, prayer and you'll have plenty of time for planning and reflection to work out your "next steps" that fit your life at home. You'll experience this time with all of the other "apprentices"...expect a high level of interaction with others on this same journey. (Travel and accommodations are not included.)

  • Teaching Inputs
    You'll receive the latest teaching from Caesar & Tina and other missional thought leaders and practitioners with a wealth of experience. They have language, vehicles, practices and tools shaped in the real world. In other words–this is not theory for them!
  • Time to Process
    Throughout the immersion you will rotate through "coaching circles" where you and your team mates will process the teaching inputs and be given additional tools and resources to use back at home. You'll receive live feedback to ensure you are grasping and using these tools correctly.
  • 6 Month Planning
    All participants will create (with help and critique from your "journeymen") a six-month plan to implement in your own family, community or church back home. This is not a cookie-cutter plan– you create what fits your life, leadership style and bandwidth for your context.
  • Experiential Evening Activities
    We'll send you "out on the town" to actually practice what you're learning at each immersion. Then you'll report back the next day on what you learned...fears, victories and anything hilarious!

 Real Time Coaching and Encouragement

  • Weekly Coaching  Following each Immersion you will be engaged in weekly, 60-minute live video coaching cohorts (sometimes called huddles) to ensure you grow in your skills and work out the plans that were created during your immersion experience. We're with you the entire journey!
    • Coaching times includes: face-to-face, peer-to-peer, written, video and online...and some times Happy Hour 🙂

  • Unlimited Email Access  You never have to wonder if you're doing things right. If you feel stuck, discouraged or have an awesome new idea, you can always drop me or others on our team an email. We'll get right back to you!
  • Online Private Community  You are invited to a LAUNCH Only Private Facebook Group where you'll be able to swap stories, find and give encouragement and learn from the others who are enrolled in LAUNCH. We are smarter together!
  • Access to all of our ongoing development, new tools and resources as they are developed.

 Multiplication Built In From the Ground Up

  • The Transfer Factor  You'll transfer everything you learn to at least one other person or group immediately.

    We’ll show you how to easily and confidently transfer exactly what you are learning and experiencing to others. And we’ll hold you accountable to do so. Our learning experience is about a lifestyle, and nothing becomes a true lifestyle unless it is repeated, mastered and then transferred to others.

  • Teams of 2 or More - Minimally  Because true discipleship is a movement (disciples making disciples who make disciples) we require you come and experience your apprenticeship with others. Minimally one other person, and it's better if you do this with a team of other leaders from your own family, community, small group or church.
  • One Flesh!  If you are married, we highly recommend coming as a couple. We have consistently seen that couples who do the LAUNCH Integrated Lifestyle Apprenticeship together have a much easier and quicker time implementing what they are experiencing and learning when back home and ongoing with their kids and community. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Why What You've Been Taught and
Tried in the Past Hasn't Worked

Tall skinnt question mark guy

This lifestyle (life-on-life, life together on mission) can never be taught merely on Sunday mornings alone, sitting in rows. If one more killer sermon was what we needed to really tip us all over into true discipleship lifestyles, we would all be missional rock stars by now!

A series of 6-8 discipleship lessons taught primarily in a classroom setting will not give you the tools and experiences you need to speak and enjoy the Good News of the gospel into any and every situation. It takes a community doing life together...challenging and encouraging each other.

A subscription to a website that offers loads of videos with famous people teaching at conferences (sometimes years ago) will not work either. Those types of videos may stir you up and tell you what you should be doing, but who will walk with you step-by-step? You'll be left on your own again to guess and try a mix of different thingsbut remember, you’ve never seen it before, so good luck with that. You need coaching.

That annual pilgrimage to a pastor's or church planting conference falls way short. While there is nothing wrong with conferences, the famous pastor with the great story on the main stage isn’t going to come down and walk with you week-by-week, month-by-month as you go to the places God is calling you and your community.

Cheaper is usually not better, especially when it comes to really crucial and important parts of our lives. Think lasik eye surgery or open heart surgery. You really don’t want the cheapest thing you can find!  :-/

The Cost to Participate

The LAUNCH Integrated Lifestyle Apprenticeship
is an 18 Month Commitment for 3 Live Immersion Trainings
and Weekly Coaching Throughout.

This is not a conference or series of seminars.

Teams of 2-4

(Includes immersions and coaching)
  • Only $100 Today Per Person  
    To Reserve & Register Your Spots

Married Couples

(Includes immersions and coaching)
  • Only $100 Today Per Person
    To Register & Reserve Your Spots

Teams of 5+

(Includes immersions and coaching)
  • Only $100 Today Per Person
    To Register & Reserve Your Spots

What Risk?  My Promise To You

You're not stuck guaranteeDue to the very limited and rare nature of this opportunity, I don't want you to miss out for any reason by waiting to grab your spots right now.

I really want to make this as easy and awesome as possible for you. So I’m gonna take this a step further. If you or anyone on your team comes to the first Immersion experience and is not blown away by what you learn and experience, and you feel like this is not a fit...not gonna work for you... then we part friends and will have made a great memory together. You’ll owe us nothing more.

 Remember – Only 30 Spots Available

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Gig Harbor, WA

Gig Harbor feels like you are living on vacation year-round. We LOVE the Gig! You will too. It is located 40 mins from Seattle and has great hotels and pubs!

March 2018 calendar page


March 8-10, 2018

There are 3 Immersion Trainings in Launch. The first one is March 8-10 2018. The other two are in Sept. 2018 and March 2018.  Dates in FAQ below.

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Discipleship is a Lifestyle

Discipleship happens in apprenticeship, it's how the Gospel speaks into and changes all of life. We believe disciples are made in community–in homes–so we're opening ours.

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This is a time for dads, moms,  leaders, or those who lead many leaders, to start living in and sharing vibrant missional life. If married, we highly recommend coming as a couple! Powerful stuff!

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The Kingdom of God flows out of who God is and what he now says is true of us: Our gospel identity. When we learn to live and lead from this truth everything about us and life changes.



Lifestyle Apprenticeship

Hands on and guided by mature practitioners. LAUNCH includes teaching, discussion, reflection, planning, coaching and a whole lot of fun and daily, weekly encouragement.


Ready to start living one integrated life, versus living “your real life” and then fitting in your “Christian life” ?

Register for LAUNCH Integrated Lifestyle Apprenticeship now...very limited spaces available.


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